I’ve got news for you: you’re in relationship.

With the person you wake up with, with the barista who hands you your grande dark, with your cubicle mate, with your clients, with whomever you break bread with at the end of the day.
I want you to be in these relationships in a sparkly, lifting-up way. And I’m betting that you’re not, because it can be hard to do.
It’s okay. We can talk communication, and conflict, and whatever lies in between those things for you. I am like a soccer coach (as in: you get to WIN) for your life and your relationships.

Here’s who I work with:

Couples – both as a pair and with the individuals, I am damn good at talking about what makes our relationships tick. I am the referee who makes it all safe to talk about. Even the sex and the stuff you think might just end it all.

New parents – Having a baby is completely magical and a beautiful new chapter. And it will also throw everything you know about being in relationship into a big ol’ wood chipper. I give you tools, strategy and support you as you learn the simple things that keep your family together and functioning.

People who want more – Have you landed in the same place again? Frustrated with all of it? Trying to figure out what’s next? Scared? Doing great and not sure how to clear the next hurdle? I’ve got your back. We’ll look at what’s working and what’s not and make a PLAN.

What have you got to lose? Your comfortable, boring life?

Yeah, that would be super sad.